Creating Energy Technology Solutions

From the mobility sector to power generation

Welcome to 3DOM – In the Centre of Energy Universe
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Welcome to 3DOM—In the Centre of Energy Universe

3DOM endeavours to deliver holistic energy solutions across industries, from the mobility sector to power generation, by proposing innovative business models where leading age battery technology is at the core.

How 3DOM Builds the Energy of Tomorrow

In an increasingly interconnected world, higher demand for economic mobility poses a new challenge for global energy security. Our current energy consumption has almost reached its breaking point on account of the unabated population growth and depleted fossil fuel reserves, which currently serve as the primary drivers of our global economy.

Anticipating the looming energy crisis on the horizon, we are racing against time to support our existing energy infrastructure with more robust and viable alternative energy options. From energy storage systems in power generation to portable industrial machinery in the transportation sector, battery technology has steadfastly risen to the occasion to address the growing need for sustainable energy.

Positioning itself at the forefront of this global transformation, 3DOM has made it its mission to disrupt the current energy landscape across industries with ground-breaking, versatile battery technologies powered by centralised digital platforms.

Always moving one step ahead of the rest, we focus on refining and expanding the functions of our proprietary technologies to herald a new wave of digital-oriented industries. We believe that placing technological innovation as the core value of our business model in lieu of one driven solely by sales is pertinent to future-proof our enterprise with incisive corporate strategy. Conclusively, it allows us to quickly adapt to the changing market trends dictated by the rise of technological disruption. With a greater focus on technological development, we are confident in our ability to pave the way for a highly mobilised future energy landscape.

Our company aims to advance the global society’s current understanding and collective application of energy infrastructure by introducing sustainable energy inventions that provide uninterrupted performance and high efficiency. We believe that battery technology will pioneer a new wave of next-generation industries characterised by unparalleled high autonomy and mobility.