3DOM Signs MOU on Battery Energy Storage System for Pathein Industrial City Project in Myanmar

TOKYO, Nov. 13, 2020 – – 3DOM, Inc. (“3DOM”), a Japan-based smart energy solutions provider, furthered its expansion in Southeast Asia with the announcement today it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Ayeyarwaddy Development Public Co. Ltd. (“ADPCL”) on 6th November 2020 for cooperation on a rooftop solar power solution with battery energy storage system (BESS) at the Pathein Industrial City project in Myanmar. 

The parties will jointly explore the feasibility of applying BESS at the Pathein project, where 3DOM would provide power generation equipment, manpower, as well as operation and maintenance services. ADPCL would be the off-taker of the power capacity, and would also refer 3DOM to a factory or other tenants of the Pathein Industrial City.

Relying on 3DOM’s cutting-edge Lithium Rechargeable Battery Technology, BESS is a reliable source of continuous power for facilities that either do not have access to the main grid, or else suffer from an unstable power supply. It offers a clean energy solution for an uninterrupted power supply. 3DOM offers large-scale storage energy systems, distributed energy storage systems and micro-grid systems. 3DOM provides a complete power solution realizing power output through smoothing, peak shaving, and frequency regulation. 3DOM BESS solutions benefit greatly from adopting the latest connectivity infrastructure backbone, and through modular and flexible design. 

The 3DOM’s BESS system provides higher energy volume and weight energy density, as well as a longer life cycle than traditional systems. It also minimizes use of cobalt, which lowers production costs as economies of scale increase, due to the increasing scarcity of cobalt amid high global demand. The 3DOM BESS solutions can address customer needs in a variety of situations, including mining facilities, military bases, chemical plants, rice mills, airports, and oil and gas facilities.

“We, at 3DOM, are proud to provide our stable & reliable power solutions to a mega project like the Pathein Industrial City with an affordable & stable tariff for a long-term period, with our advanced lithium Ion battery technology, “ said Andrew Khine, Chief Executive Officer of 3DOM Singapore. “ We are confident this solution will provide a reliable, continuous power solution for users in Pathein Industrial City.”

“Electricity and power are essential for factories and businesses to operate smoothly, and can also be a major regular expense for the businesses, “ said Ne Ne Hlwan Moe , Vice Chairman of Pathein Industrial City . “Apart from the direct national grid power that we have secured from the Ministry of Energy and Electricity, we are very grateful and delighted to co-operate with 3DOM. Upon full implementation of the co-ordination, we expect to guarantee the tenants of PIC for a backup power solution, that is sustainable, affordable, reliable and available throughout all seasons uninterruptedly,”.

Pathein is being developed as a world-class integrated industrial city with full amenities to create a gateway for business into the Ayeyarwaddy region of Myanmar, about 150 KM from Yangon. The city will house high-value industrial clusters that are self-sufficient with workers housing, and commercial amenities, and an integrated transit hub with rail and road connections. Completion of Phase 1 of the development is targeted for this year, with Phase 2 to begin from 2021. Infrastructure and electricity supply will be critical to the success of the project.   

The MOU with ADPCL is an important milestone in 3DOM’s expansion in Southeast Asia, a region that is home to some 670 million people, and where electricity demand is expected to almost triple from 47 gigawatts (GW) in 2020 to 130 GW in 2030, much of which is expected to be renewables. Electricity demand in the region has been among the fastest in the world, yet grids remain unstable in many nations, providing a growth opportunity for 3DOM’s safer, more reliable, and more sustainable BESS products.

In July 2019, 3DOM Singapore was incorporated to serve as 3DOM’s Southeast Asia regional office, with a particular focus on developing sales of energy storage systems. Increasing use of solar and wind power will drive growing investment in energy storage systems, with cumulative global ESS investments to hit almost $200 billion by 2035, which will more than double to exceed $400 billion by 2045, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. 

3DOM aims to continue expanding its sales of BESS in Southeast Asia as part of its mission to help resolve energy issues and build sustainable societies, across prominent industries such as Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Residential Homes, Marine Vessels and Air Drones.

About 3DOM

Established in 2014, Yokohama, Japan-based 3DOM Inc. innovates and develops cutting-edge Lithium Rechargeable Battery Tech that puts it at the center of energy as it aims to power everything, everywhere, for everyone. With its advanced battery technology, 3DOM strives to resolve energy issues and build sustainable societies by researching, developing, and designing next-generation batteries, and by deploying on a global scale businesses that use these technologies. Through innovation in battery manufacturing, re-use and recycling, and the development and deployment of applications across aerospace, aviation, marine, mobile and storage, 3DOM is digitally transforming every aspect of the battery’s lifecycle, providing a social platform for the mobility of energy, people and things and allowing for the innovative business model of “Battery as a Service.” 

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