3DOM Singapore welcomes new directors

SINGAPORE, Sept. 16, 2021 – 3DOM Singapore welcomed Shusuke Oguro, Hiroshi Iizuka, and Timothy Teo as Directors on August 18th.

Director and CEO Shusuke Oguro has been involved in the battery industry for 35 years, leading Panasonic’s battery division through the start-up of the factory that would supply battery cells for electric vehicles. He joined 3DOM Inc. as a Director in 2014. Mr. Oguro’s guidance will be invaluable as 3DOM Singapore assumes responsibility for manufacturing and sales of 3DOM’s lithium-ion battery technology. Mr. Oguro comments, “3DOM’s lineup of next-generation batteries centered around our proprietary separator technology is unique in achieving superior lifespan and reliability compared to conventional batteries. As a result, the batteries can be used in geographic areas and applications that would otherwise be difficult, as well as through new business models such as battery subscription services.”

Director and Chairman Hiroshi Iizuka joins 3DOM Singapore after a long career in the public sector, where he served as secretary to multiple prominent Japanese politicians. 3DOM Singapore will benefit from his thorough understanding of international relations and economic development as the company builds international business partnerships and seeks to deliver optimal solutions for developed and emerging countries around the world. Mr. Iizuka reflects, “Our climate is reaching a tipping point, so electrification technology is important now more than ever. I believe 3DOM has the vision and the technology to make waves in the market and a real positive impact on the planet.”

Director Timothy Teo has led an illustrious career in risk management, foreign exchange, money market, gold, and commodities management in major global cities. With his deep roots in the Singapore business and finance communities, having served on boards of property, hotel, health care, manufacturing, fund management, statutory board, and charity, 3DOM Singapore endeavors to strengthen its presence in the region and serve local and global needs. “As a business hub for the ASEAN region, Singapore offers exciting opportunities to expand 3DOM’s reach and effectively deploy sustainable technology, contributing to solutions for climate change, in areas that are still seeking practical solutions,” comments Mr. Teo.

“We look forward to steering 3DOM Singapore through a new chapter and delivering 3DOM’s cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology to growing electric mobility and energy storage markets where innovative solutions are in demand,” says Mr. Oguro.