Group Structure

Overview of 3DOM

Company Background

3DOM Inc and its subsidiaries (collectively known as “3DOM” or “Group”) is a Japan- based group that develops advanced separators and next generation batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), marine vessels, renewable energy, drones and other fields.

  • LAVLE is a U.S.-based subsidiary that is engaged in the sale of batteries to the US defence and commercial marine market
  • SMI is a joint venture with Yamada Denki that will be engaged in EV leasing
  • Kaula is a blockchain technology company that was recently acquired by 3DOM
  • Quintuple air is a newly (late 2019) incorporated subsidiary that will be responsible for exploring air mobility solutions such as drones and other aerial vehicles
  • 3DOM Asia is a subsidiary based in Thailand that sells Lithium Ion batteries to FOMM Asia.
  • 3DOM Singapore oversees business development of Energy Storage System in South East Asia, with the main objective to reduce carbon footprint.

Summary of 3DOM (including key subsidiaries)

Social Mobility Inc.
quintuple Inc.
3DOM Asia
Marine & defense

Design, develop ‒ and manufacture ESS for the electrification and autonomous navigation of ships
Electric vehicles (EV)

Develop mobility transport for leasing
Blockchain solutions

Develop and distribute block chain systems for batteries
Air mobility

Design, develop and manufacture air mobility products
Sales office

Sales of batteries in Thailand
ASEAN Office

Fund raising & Business Development