3DOM Separator

3DOM focuses on the lithium dendrite that causes deterioration of batteries. Homogenous electric current distribution enabled by the uniformly aligned structure of pores suppresses the precipitation of dendrites, thereby dramatically improving the battery life and increasing its reliability


3DOM strives for achieving the system that links applications and cell technologies through the battery management system that maximizes the performance of 3DOM cells

3DOM Cell

3DOM will contribute to the advancement of numerous different applications of batteries in the world through making use of 3DOM separators and the secondary battery development technologies that realize high energy density and high reliability

3DOM Battery Pack & Module

3DOM will be able to propose optimized solutions to particular specific applications by its battery pack and module technologies and BMS technology that realize better dimensions and configuration that customers require

Our Pioneering Technology

3DOM’s Capability of Designing and Development

3DOM Separator:

One of the flagship products of 3DOM, our Separator is rated highly for both thermal and chemical stability. . A homogenous pore structure prevents uneven reaction of electric power and delivers a uniform flow of ions, preventing overheating due to short circuits and ignition. The end result is a dramatic increase in battery performance and reliability.


The proprietary 3DOM Separator opens up a world of various implementation models for every need. This ranges from Lithium Metal and Solid Electrolyte batteries to even Advanced Lithium-ion batteries. Users can thus reduce their energy costs, rigorously improve the range of their vehicles, and explore key revenue drivers.

Battery Management System (BMS)

A smart system to optimize the performance of every type of 3DOM cell, becoming the brain behind every battery pack. In addition to instituting critical norms to safeguard the batteries from damage, the system manages the entire output of the batteries. The resulting cellular capabilities are monitored round the clock as the operating environment is constantly authenticated and recalibrated.

Battery Packs and Modules

Battery packs significant increase the output capacity of singular batteries, delivering extended runtimes and highly optimized solutions. The goal is to deliver specific battery dimensions and configurations that organizations actually require to overhaul their energy consumption models.

Unique 3Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous structure
Unique 3Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous structure
Conventional Polyolefin Separator
3DOM’s Separator
Irregular structure leads to dendrites, reducing lifespan and energy density.
✓ Extremely stable structure – tightly-packed hexagon (3-D) structure makes it harder for dendrites to form, improving energy density, longevity, and safety
40% porosity leads to low liquid retention, reducing energy density and longevity.
✓ High porosity – high liquid retention of 72%, allowing for greater energy density and longevity.
150~250C heat resistance.
✓ Excellent heat resistance – 400C heat resistance.
Unique 3Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous structure