3DOM Separator

The unique structure of the 3DOM separator extends battery life and provides multiple forms of protection against dendrites, the main cause of battery degradation and failure, for improved reliability even in battery chemistries with high energy density.

3DOM Cell

3DOM’s advanced lithium ion batteries are designed to maximize the benefits provided by the unique 3DOM separator. We offer solutions optimized to meet the requirements of diverse mobility and stationary energy storage applications.
Unique 3Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous structure
Unique 3Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous structure
Conventional Polyolefin Separator
3DOM’s Separator
Irregular structure leads to dendrites, reducing lifespan and energy density.
✓ Extremely stable structure – tightly-packed hexagon (3-D) structure makes it harder for dendrites to form, improving energy density, longevity, and safety
40% porosity leads to low liquid retention, reducing energy density and longevity.
✓ High porosity – high liquid retention of 72%, allowing for greater energy density and longevity.
150~250C heat resistance.
✓ Excellent heat resistance – 400C heat resistance.
Unique 3Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous structure